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Woodturning Magic: 12 Ingenious Puzzles to Make (Mehke platnice)

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Grab a few scraps of wood and start firing up your brain cells. Puzzles! They exercise the mind, engage the hands, and bring joy to all who dare to tackle them. It's a true mind-body activity. Make it a wooden puzzle and suddenly you've transported yourself to another time....a nostalgic era when simplicity was enough...and the challenge of "figuring it out" kept you on edge. Now you can learn the secrets to making your own puzzling wooden projects, designed to mystify and intrigue, with Woodturning Magic. Discover the magic in Woodturning Magic. This super-crafty, super-easy book features 12 seemingly impossible woodturned puzzles to make--all with incredibly simple solutions, once you know how. And you'll discover "know how" in just a few steps! Learn the in's and out's from a master craftsman. Using old techniques in a new and fascinating way, former woodworking teacher David Springett unveils his secrets for turning these intriguing and beautiful puzzles. With clear step-by-step instructions, hundreds of photographs, and illustrations to follow--plus a wealth of information and guidance on tools, materials, and techniques--you'll be mastering the tricks in no time. Woodturning Magic features: 12 beautiful, hand-crafted puzzles to make, keep, or give as gifts--including King Arthur's Puzzle, Greek Temple, Apple Core, and Isaac Newton's Orange 450 colorful photographs and 40 detailed illustrations to mentor turners of all levels--for a visual approach to learning Let your inner tinkerer run free. Woodworkers have a way of tinkering with scraps of wood, and this playful nature often leads to the creation of toys and puzzles. Woodturning Magic pieces that all together, and is sure to thrill children and adults alike.


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