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The Master Key System: Charles F. Haanel's Classic Guide to Fortune and an Inspiration for Rhonda Byrne's the Secret (Mehke platnice)

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Along with being a key inspiration for Rhonda Byrne's bestselling book and film, The Secret, The Master Key System has been a guide for entrepreneurial success for nearly 100 years, rumored to have even been the impetus for Bill Gates dropping out of Harvard and founding Microsoft. This complete edition includes all 24 Chapters, the Introduction, Glossary, Index, a Question and Answer section with Charles F. Haanel himself, and the all-important Master Key Psychological Chart which gives the reader an easy-to-use chart for calculating effort versus profit. Many of those chapters are missing from other editions. Haanel's The Master Key System has been a hallmark in financial success for generations-now put it to work for your own unlimited profit.


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