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The Lords Of Avaris (Mehke platnice)

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The Lords of Avaris is the stuff of legend -- it will transport you into the real world of Greece's legendary Heroic Age to reveal the flesh-and-blood characters from our ancestral past.
David Rohl's epic journey in search of the origins of the Western World ranges across the ancient lands and archaeological sites of the Mediterranean. From Jericho to Rome, the true chronicle of our pre-Christian past is uncovered to reveal a historical picture previously unimagined by scholars.
The epic legends of Classical Greek and Rome appear to have been based on the exploits of genuine historical figures and actual events. In The Lords of Avaris, David Rohl reveals these classical heroes as flesh-and-blood characters from our ancestral past:
The Indo-European origins of the mysterious Hyksos oppressors of Egypt are uncovered; A Pelasgian princess from mainland Greece is identified with one of Egypt's greatest queens; The Greek Dark Age is exposed as the phantom of a misaligned chronology; Agamemnon's Trojan War is set in its proper archaeological context; Homer's Iliad is finally given an epic historical setting; The Trojan hero Aeneas is re-established as the founder of Roman civilization.

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