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Rumpole and the Angel of Death (Trda vezava)

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In John Mortimer's latest collection of Rumpole stories the comic, courageous, and corpulent "great defender ofmuddled and sinful humanity" is joined by a winning cast of villains and victims in tales whose wry humor andsparkling wit deftly send up the British legal system. In Rumpole and the Angel of Death our hero achieves new,resounding triumphs over the forces of prejudice and mean-mindedness. "Rumpole and the Way through the Woods"involves Rumpole in the world of hunters and the hunted, animal rights and human wrongs. In "Rumpole and theRights of Man," he finds at the European Court of Human Rights that international justice is as fallible as thedomestic variety. And for the first time, Hila, She Who Must Be Obeyed, tells a story all her own. This richlyentertaining volume will delight fans who have been waiting, Rumpoleless, for more than two years, and will convertnew adherents to the faith.


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