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Rock and Pop Venues: Acoustic and Architectural Design (Trda vezava)

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Gives precise guidelines on how to design the acoustics in venues that present amplified musicDebates essential construction details, including placement of sound system and use of possible building materials, in the architectural design of new venues or the renovation of old ones Presents 75 well-known European Rock & Pop venues, their architecture, beauty and properties. 20 venues are rated for their acoustics by music professionals employing an easy-to-use assessment methodology Popular music plays a substantial role in most people s life. The demand and financial revenue of Rock and Pop concerts is large and still increasing with the decreased revenue on recorded music.Based on the first ever scientific investigations on recommendable acoustics for amplified music conducted by the author, this book sets forward precise guidelines for music professionals to optimize the acoustics in existing or future halls for amplified music. The acoustic and architectural requirements for pop music venues are very different from those for classical music halls and opera houses. Though 80 Percent of the music turnover is within Rock & Pop Music, books on acoustic design for music halls up until now have addressed only classical music concert halls and opera houses.This book closes that gap and includes the following features: In part one, the bookTeaches basic acoustics in terms that interested readers with a high school degree can understandIn part two, the bookPresents 20 Danish music halls by photo, architectural drawing, geometrical and acoustic measurements as well as by ratings by musicians and sound engineers. Ratings are commented by author.In part three, the bookFrom the ratings and measurements of the 20 venues, shows how a set of recommendations on acoustics for amplified music were developed. Sets forth the recommendations for acoustics in Rock & Pop venues Debates construction and planning issues in detail including placement of sound systemIn part four, the bookHigh-lights another 55 well-known European venues that present Rock & Pop music. From the O2 arena in London to a tiny club in Barcelona. From Beatles, Michael Jackson and Jimmy Hendrix to grass-root level acts. Photos, architectural drawings, acoustic and geometrical measures.In appendices gives an overview and statistical processing of acoustical properties of the 55 venues"


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