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Official GRE Value Combo (Mehke platnice)

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Save money and get intensive official GRE® test practice with this 2-book bundle from the makers of the GRE This bundle includes two Official Guides: -Official GRE Quantitative Reasoning Questions, Volume 1, Second Edition -Official GRE Verbal Reasoning Questions, Volume 1, Second Edition In this Official GRE® Value Combo you get all of the in-depth practice you need to do your best on the GRE test. For less than you would pay separately, the bundle packages two books of authentic GRE questions, specially created for GRE takers by Educational Testing Service, the company that makes the actual test. This two-book bundle is your ideal source for practice questions to use in your GRE preparation. With Official GRE® Verbal Reasoning Practice Questions and Official GRE® Quantitative Reasoning Practice Questions you get real GRE test questions, arranged by type and difficulty level for the Verbal Reasoning questions, and by content and type for the Quantitative Reasoning questions. Both guides have been completely updated to reflect the latest tests. The Official GRE® Value Combo offers: * Significant savings over purchasing each book separately * 300 real GRE test questions for the Quantitative and Verbal Reasoning measures of the test, arranged by question type and difficulty level * An overview of the GRE Analytical Writing measure with writing strategies, sample writing tasks, and sample scored essays * Answers and explanations for every question * ETS's own test-taking strategies to help you do your best on the test * Interactive content that is fully accessible for individuals with disabilities


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