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Nothing Down for Women: The Smart Woman's Quick-Start Guide to Real Estate Investing (Mehke platnice)

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Have you ever dreamed about changing your life and working for yourself -- finding financial freedom and loving what you do? Real estate investing is a great way for women to work for themselves and achieve life-transforming financial success. But how can you get into it with your busy life? If you worry that you wouldn't possibly have the time to learn the ins and outs -- maybe you're working crazy hours, or a working mother juggling kids and a career -- then "Nothing Down for Women" is for you.

This remarkably fast and easy read is written especially for busy women on the go. Broken down into short chapters, each of which can be fully digested in just five minutes, "Nothing Down for Women" gives you incredibly simple steps that will get you started in real estate investing -- whether full-time or on the side -- and on the road to remarkable financial success in just days.

All-time bestselling real estate author Robert G. Allen, who wrote "Nothing Down" -- the most successful book ever written on real estate investing -- teams up with Karen Nelson Bell, one of Allen's most successful proteges, to show you the way. When Nelson Bell started using Allen's methods, she made her first million in less than six months. Now she teaches seminars herself. Combining her insider's secrets about how women can play to their strengths in the real estate market with Allen's proven strategies for success, they tell you everything you need to know about how to:

Buy a house without putting any of your own money down Buy a house without getting a loan Boost your credit savviness for better borrowing Identify a great property that will make you a big return Negotiate with real estate agents, buyers, and sellers Spot a motivated seller and close a deal fast Avoid common pitfalls Manage your properties without fear

The authors provide scripts for talking to buyers and sellers, templates for writing a great sales ad, methods for doing quick and easy financial calculations, and handy checklists of to-dos. They also reveal the powerful secrets of women's advantages in the real estate world and how busy women -- even working moms -- can fit these quick and easy steps into their hectic schedules.

"Nothing Down for Women" is the only book a woman needs to get started winning, and winning big, in the real estate game.


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