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Monday the Bullfrog: A Huggable Puppet Concept Book About the Days of the Week (Novelty book)

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What Will Monday the Bullfrog Eat Next

From the creator of #1 "New York Times" bestseller "Tails" and million-copy-selling "Fuzzy Yellow Ducklings," Matthew Van Fleet's huggable multiconcept book introduces preschoolers to textures, colors, critters, and the days of the week. When slipped onto a hand, the cuddly bullfrog becomes a beguiling puppet with a mouth that opens wide for every meal.

"Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday..."

"Monday the Bullfrog"

The cleverly textured pages will tickle fingertips and funny bones while revealing clues to what's next on Monday's colorful menu, from a twinkly glow-in-the-dark snack to a mirrored surprise ending reflecting the sweetest dish of all.


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