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Klein Dytham Architecture (Mehke platnice)

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British architects Mark Dytham and Astrid Klein arrived in Japan in 1988. After working for Toyo Ito for two years, they established their own business in Tokyo, where they remain one of only a handful of young "gaijin" practices based in Japan. Their work combines East and West, incorporating both traditional and contemporary components. This volume includes: - Vrooom , garage for 6 super-cars in Tokyo - Pika Pika Pretzel, construction hoarding made of inflatable, silvered fabric in Tokyo - Fashion Commander, fashion hq building, boutiques, design studio, offices in Tokyo - British Council Information Centre in Tokyo - Kanban Shelter, baseball and tennis ground shelter in Nagano - Festival UK98 Pavilion in Tokyo - Idee Workstation, furniture showroom and design office in Tokyo - Sanae Ozeki, hairsalon in Tokyo


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