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In Search of Aginsky's Mind (Mehke platnice)

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A psychological and action thriller, this second novel in the Seaville Wildfire Trilogy sends all of the characters from the first novel, and new characters, deeper into the problems that generate California wildfires.Six months after the Canyon Fire, Dr. Roger Sterling finds himself confronting a serial arsonist (or arsonists) "still out there," a kidnapping, a Hit Man, the theft of intellectual property, and a firestorm all within less than 24 hours. He concludes that synchronicity plays a huge role in what he is confronting as he discovers that Long Island, New York and Central Tennessee are also a part of the California story, What weaves all of this together is the "search for Aginsky's mind" and the rights to a brilliant theory that explains the ongoing evolutionary development of the Universe. All the while, Aginsky's mind holds some of the most important keys to understanding what creates wildfires world-wide.This novel is a suspenseful ride into human nature, our collective nature, the universal struggle between Eros and Thanatos, the concept of synchronicity and the complexities of our evolutionary nature that will challenge the reader at every turn.


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