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Human Rights Overboard: Seeking Asylum in Australia (Mehke platnice)

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Drawing together for the first time the oral testimony and written submissions from the People's Inquiry into Detention, this powerful and vital overview stands as an indictment of Australia's refugee policy and demonstrates how social work can contribute to changing public perceptions and to challenging harsh policies that violate core human rights tenets. Following the wake of the Cornelia Rau scandal, this record depicts the establishment of the People's Inquiry, documenting the heartbreaking evidence they reviewed regarding asylum seekers' journeys to Australia and the lives of refugees during and after the determination process and detention. Clearly and comprehensively presented, this is a haunting journey guided by voices from every side of the fence--former and current immigration detainees, refugee advocates, lawyers, doctors, psychiatrists, and former detention and immigration staff. Taken together, their stories record a humanitarian disaster that sounds a warning to current and future policymakers, establishing a message that will resonate for years to come.


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