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Food and Package Engineering (Trda vezava)

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Food Packaging Engineering is the first book designed around the systemic nature of the packaging industry. Structuring the text around the package use cycle, author Morris takes a holistic approach to the topic and covers topics more broadly than traditional texts which take a linear view of singular topics and often do not convey the interconnected, systemic nature of food packaging. This unique perspective provides a cohesive framework within which are discussed critical interrelated topics such as economics, politics, and natural resources.

Addressing itself to the variable levels of prior experience that the reader may have, Food Packaging Engineering provides multilevel access to each topic that allows students or professionals of varying backgrounds to find meaningful information and develop technical expertise. Rather than being a simple exposition of technical knowledge, the book provides both real-world examples and challenging problems that require consideration at several different levels. The modular design of the book provides access at three skill or knowledge levels:

1) A general level of experience for those students or readers who are in the field without a rigorous technical background.
2) An intermediate level of experience for those students who are currently at the undergraduate level either as a graduate or in an ongoing curriculum.
3) The advanced level which represents current developments in the field for the advanced student or researcher who is interested in the current state of the art in research and new industrial developments.

Structuring the text in this fashion enables the reader to move from his current level of expertise into higher levels of course material as the reading progresses, rather than simply expanding on a topic at any particular level of expertise.

Bountifully illustrated and meticulously researched, Food Packaging Engineering gives a unique and comprehensive perspective of the field and serves the student or industry professional, whatever level or background, as an outstanding text and reference work for their professional preparation and practice


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