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Facing the Dragon: Confronting Personal and Spiritual Grandiosity (Mehke platnice)

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Robert Moore

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If you would understand the deepest roots of terrorism, greed, and religious fanaticism, read Facing the Dragon. But be forewarned: you may find some offshoots in your own garden.-June Singer, Jungian analyst, author of Boundaries of the Soul ""By exploring and explaining the 'deep structures' in the human psyche, Dr. Moore gives those of us who long to take our recovery deeper a book full of useful and life-changing ideas and insights that will help us do just that. Recovering from any addiction is true 'spiritual warfare.' This book further arms readers to fight our life-and-death battles.""-John Lee, author of The Flying Boy Structured around a series of lectures presented at the Jung Institute of Chicago in a program entitled ""Jungian Psychology and Human Spirituality: Liberation from Tribalism in Religious Life,"" this book-length essay attacks the related problems of human evil, spiritual narcissism, secularism and ritual, and grandiosity. Moore dares to insist that we stop ignoring these issues and provides clear-sighted guidance for where to start and what to expect. Along the way, he pulls together many important threads from recent findings in theology, spirituality, and psychology and brings us to a point where we can conceive of embarking on a corrective course."


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