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Environmental Economics and Policy (Trda vezava)

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Lynne Lewis

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Environmental Economics and Policy is a best-selling text for environmental economics courses. Offering a policy-oriented approach, it introduces economic theory, empirical fieldwork, and case studies that show how underlying economic principles provided the foundation for environmental policies.Key features include:Introductions to the theory and method of environmental economics, including externalities, benefit-cost analysis, valuation methods, and ecosystem goods and services.Extensive coverage of the major issues including climate change mitigation and adaptation, air and water pollution, and environmental justice.Boxed "Examples" and "Debates" throughout the text, which highlight global examples and major talking points.This text will be of use to undergraduate students of economics. Students will leave the course with a global perspective of how environmental economics has played and can continue to play a role in promoting fair and efficient environmental management.The text is fully supported with end-of-chapter summaries, discussion questions, and self-test exercises in the book. Additional online resources include references, as well as PowerPoint slides for each chapter. 36 Line drawings, black and white; 24 Tables, black and white; 36 Illustrations, black and white


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