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Concert Halls and Opera Houses: Music, Acoustics, and Architecture (Trda vezava)

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This illustrated guide to 100 of the world's most important concert halls and opera houses examines their architecture and engineering and discusses their acoustical quality as judged by conductors and music critics. The descriptions and photographs will serve as a valuable guide for today's peripatetic performers and music lovers. With technical discussions relegated to appendices, the book can be read with pleasure by anyone interested in musical performance. The photographs (specially commissioned for this book) and architectural drawings (all to the same scale) together with modern acoustical data on each of the halls provide a rich and unmatched resource on the design of halls for presenting musical performances. Together with the technical appendices, the data and drawings will serve as an invaluable reference for architects and engineers involved in the design of spaces for the performance of music. Leo Beranek is an internationally recognized authority in acoustics who has consulted on the design of dozens of important auditoriums around the World. He has received the highest honors of the Acoustical Society of America and of the Audio Engineering Society and has just been awarded the US National Medal of Science at the White House (Oct. 2003).

Advance praise for Leo Beranek's "Concert Halls and Opera Houses: Music, Acoustics, and Architecture" 2nd edition a"


Given the many controversies surrounding the acoustical properties of concert halls and opera houses, it is a relief to be guided by someone who is both a scientist and a devoted listener. Here, the mysteries of acoustics seem less intimidating: wecome to understand why music sounds the way it does in various performance spaces, and what we can do about it. It's a terrific book

I. M. PEI, ARCHITECT, NEW YORK This book] provides an invaluable reference for the understanding and design of music facilities.

JOHN WILLIAMS, COMPOSER AND CONDUCTOR, LOS ANGELESDr. Beranek has created a comprehensive and fascinating study of 100 of the world's halls for music. Visiting each of these venues would be a great delight and a marvelous adventure, but such being impractical, this great book is the next best thing. All lovers of music, acoustics, architecture, and travel will enjoy this unique work.


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