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Changeology: How to Enable Groups, Communities and Societies to Do Things They'Ve Never Done Before (Mehke platnice)

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"Changeology" is about influencing the behavior of human beings for the better. The book is relevant to change projects both large and small, and in almost any area of activity, but with an emphasis on key topics such as climate change, poverty, obesity, AIDS, and tobacco and drug use. It is aimed at a worldwide audience of professionals and individuals who are acting to make change in their corporations, cities, and neighborhoods, as well as in their own lives.The pressing issues of today clamor for solutions, yet to a surprising degree, past and present efforts to effect social change have been based on little more than hunches. This book dispels many of the myths that prevent social-change projects from succeeding and replaces them with the best of what we know from social and motivational psychology and lessons from projects that have worked.Changeology simplifies a vast body of theory and practice into six principles: buzz, hope, enabling environments, sticky solutions, "can do" and the right inviter. These are explained with compelling real-life case studies and a look at the hard evidence. The book is written in an easy, accessible style, with plenty of anecdotes and stories.


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