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Companion to Aphorisms & Quotations for the Surgeon (Mehke platnice)

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Along with startling descriptions of ancient cures involving red-hot pokers, here we find hilarious offhand observations (never return "mortified parts" loose to the belly in hernia operations, for example) and flecks of true wisdom ("for every problem there is one solution which is simple, neat and wrong," according to Mencken). Surgeons and those who live or work with them will find plenty of joy in these thousands of entries along with great quotes to use in conference presentations and in operating theaters under stress. The aphorisms and quotations are organized by subjects ranging from amputations and art to cancer surgery, colostomies, drugs, education, errors, ethics, fame, infections, malpractice, pain, the pancreas, politics, research, the thyroid, truth, death and even surgery's relation to love. This edition includes a significant number of new entries and indices for both subjects and authors.


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